Calogel Health and Weight Loss

Calogel Health and Weight Loss

Calogel Health and Weight Loss

When I lived back in Hawaii, I was overweight and miserable. I had just had my son, after having gained 60lbs while pregnant. I was currently doing WeightWatchers, but it the weight was coming off slower than it had been the first time I had joined. I was very impatient and wanted those great weight loss results FAST. I kept hearing an infomercial on the radio, where a DJ was taking these pills called Calogel. They are caplets that you take before you go to bed at night. The website that she purchased them on was called Just Before Bed. Calogel supposedly has no harmful side effects. There are no drugs, herbs, caffeine or stimulants in the pills themselves. The ingredients for the pills are as follows. Collagen (Which is a protein),

The DJ claimed that she had lost 15lbs in a month just by taking two or three of the pills before she went to bed at night. I thought it sounded interesting, so I went and visited the website myself. According to the website, Calogel is a natural supplement that helps the body shed fat, sugar and toxins that it is holding onto. The frequently asked questions on the website explain that you take three pills on an empty stomach, right before bedtime. This is supposed to allow Calogel to work more efficiently, as when you take it right before bed it is easier for it to work within the first 45 to 90 minutes of sleep.

There was a number of testimonials on the Just Before Bed website, raving about Calogel, and how not only have they lost weight but their nails have grown in faster and healthier and their hair is a lot shinier. Even people’s skin seemed to clear up and look healthier. It sounded great. I gave it a try. A month’s supply was about $50 dollars.
I tried to look up some online reviews first, ones that wouldn’t be biased and from Calogel’s website itself. I couldn’t find any. The only results that popped up were from either people asking if the product itself worked, or links to the actual testimonials from Just Before Bed. Being the impulse buyer that I am, I bought the product.

Fast forward to a week later. I received my pills and anxious awaited the evening so that I could start taking them. I took my first set of pills that evening and went to sleep. I woke up the next day, feeling fine. The pills didn’t suppress my hunger or anything like that, I just felt completely normal. I took them four two more days and felt nothing. Finally on the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth day of taking them, I experienced some major bowel problems. I was having extreme diarrhea throughout the day, everyday. I noticed I had lost three pounds that week, but had to wonder really if it was mostly from my bathroom visits.

This continued for another two weeks and finally I decided to just give up on them. Overall I lost about ten pounds, but was also doing as I said earlier, WeightWatchers at the same time. Is Calogel worth the money? It wasn’t to me. Does it work? It might. It is so hard to tell with so called “Diet Pills” because most of them nowadays say to accompany with diet and exercise. Who’s to say it isn’t diet and exercise that is helping you lose? I mean, that would make sense, right?

So in conclusion, Calogel may work for some people, but I really in my opinion think that it is more of a diet and exercise thing. I really do not see how it’s ingredients help aid weight loss much. To each his own though!Aloe Vera , Lecithin, beeswax and safflower oil. No hidden ingredients are supposed to be in Calogel.

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