Dieting Vs. Healthy Eating

Dieting vs healthy eating

Dieting vs healthy eating

The Terms Dieting and Healthy Eating Are Not Synonymous!

Dieting and healthy eating are not the same thing. For years people have used dieting to reach their desired weight or body image. Far too many Americans assimilate being the “desired” weight with being healthy. This is a very dangerous. We do not all have the same chemical make-up and are not meant to look alike. Every single person walking this planet has their own very unique genetic code which determines exactly how their body will look and operate. This means that we each have different ways in which our bodies will take form when we are healthy. Of course obesity is not healthy for anyone, however some people are meant to carry a little more weight in certain places on their bodies where other people are not.

There are many different body shapes just as there are many different facial features. The overwhelming effort by America to become a nation of Barbie and Ken clones must end. The simple definition of a diet is a general compilation of the foods you normally eat. Dieting, on the other hand, is a limitation or an elimination of certain foods for the purpose of meeting a physical weight goal. Dieting is usually short term or at the very least not life long. There are many different dieting plans which people follow. Dieting is hazardous to your health. Dieting robs your body and mind of their natural needs.

There are both physical and psychological negative effects of dieting. A good article to read on this subject is “The Physical and Psychological Effects of Dieting”on Womens Health, written by Cynthia M. Bulik, Ph.D., and Nadine Taylor, M.S., R.D.. This article claims that no diet is good and explains why. An article on entitled “The Effects of Diet and Metabolism on the Body”by Rich Amber gives more reasons for the failure of dieting and suggests exercise and strength training as an alternative for weight loss.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle change which encompasses eating healthy portions of foods which promote health. You should definitely adopt a healthy eating lifestyle. To do this you would first need to educate yourself on food. Not how to cook it but how each food type metabolizes. Learn how much of each food you should consume in a certain period of time. Study the diets of different cultures. Remember that a diet and dieting are not synonymous.

A good culture to start with might be the Mediterranean culture. “Mediterranean Diet” by the American Heart Association gives some insight to the cultures diet. Acknowledged for healthy eating and long lifespans, the various countries of the Mediterranean, though different in several ways, exhibit a common dietary plan. You need to understand what is healthy for you in particular. You may also wish to take a look at the Japanese diet. Japanese are said to have the longest lifespan in the world and an article entitled “Japanese Lifespan” by Peter McGarry names their diets as the number one reason why.

Once you have done your research, learned what certain foods do to your body, and studied the diets of a few cultures known for longevity and healthy eating; you should then meet with your physician. You should discuss with your physician how your body works. Your physician will have insight as to what your healthy weight and body fat index is. With the assistance of your physician, you can determine a healthy lifestyle diet especially for you. You can toss aside the idea of dieting and adopt the idea of healthy eating. You will then enjoy the benefits of the new and improved, healthily well balanced you.

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