Health and Wellness – Harmful Pollutants Creating Toxins

Pro-active Home Health Management – Control Toxins

Harmful Pollutants Creating Toxins

Health & Wellness: Harmful Pollutants Creating Toxins

Most of us know about toxins, and on a daily basis, some experience their harmful affects. Gas emissions and factory discharges produce environmentally invasive bacteria and carcinogens. Pollutants may go undetected and unreported. To lessen your chances of becoming a victim, become pro-active. Establish personnel hygiene patterns for your family. Wash hands and use tissues, but give your family “look for” and “clean-up” assignments.

Incorporate “green practices” into your pro-active routine. Minimize your cleaning cost by using “green friendly products” like white vinegar and water. Mix three or four parts water to one part vinegar. Use in the bathroom and kitchen. “Spray-Scrub-Sanitize” and when finished, rinse thoroughly. I use the mixture for my tile floors. The vinegar odor usually lasts a short period. If the smell lingers, gently sprinkle baby powder on a washcloth and place in the bathroom. For the kitchen, a sliced lemon or drops of vanilla flavoring a paper towel work great.

Mold is dangerous and difficult to manage. Let your property owner know immediately if you find coverings of mold or red mold. Call your County Health Department for information and maybe assistance. If you are the homeowner or renter, replace molded boards and cleanse area. Pull out carpets and throw away immediately. Make sure the mold is gone before you paint or patch over area. Clean air vents regularly. Bathroom areas are particularly vulnerable to mold. Check for damp spots in closets, closed in areas and around your air-conditioner storage area. Wash trashcans weekly.

Many counties throughout the United States have an agriculture or farm agency bureau. These agencies will provide information on ground water quality. We want to lower our electric bill, but it is best to run your air in hot, muggy weather. Stay as green as possible. Get old boxes and piles of paper and junk off the floor, out of your home and recycle. Do not give bacteria a place to grow. You do not want a “sick building” at home or work.

The Environmental Protection Agency promotes programs dedicated to controlling toxins. Many work daily to provide cleaner air, lakes, ground water, and factory emissions. “Clean the Environment” campaigns in any of these arenas are a work in progress. Check with your local Environmental Protection Agency. They welcome feedback and recommendations.

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