Your Heart’s Health: Little Things that Can Make a Difference

Your Heart's Health: Little Things that Can Make a Difference

Little Things You Should Know About Your Heart’s Health

I try to pay attention to the important factors that can make the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy heart. You probably know what they are: keeping your cholesterol at a normal level, keeping your blood pressure at a normal level, and even keeping your weight at a normal level (not always easy). I do this because I want to stay healthy and because my father passed away due to a major heart attack.

Being a woman, I also know that I have more of a chance to die from the first heart attack, if I ever was to have one, than a man would. I also know that sometimes doctors do not take the warning signs as seriously, if they were being presented by a woman. These two reasons are just two more that makes it important for me as a woman to know every little thing that can cause heart disease.

Here are a few more causes that I find interesting:

Oral health

Do you realize that poor oral health can lead to heart disease? Sounds strange? At first, it did to me.

The idea behind this idea is this. If you do not brush or floss as you should, bacteria from your mouth enters your bloodstream and travels throughout your body. This bacteria can then cause an inflammation and can even build up causing plague to develop in your arteries, which can clog, causing serious heart damage.

How can we avoid this? Brush and floss as we should. Plus, we should quit avoiding the dentist.

Sleep more

We should be getting as least seven hours of sleep at night. If we don’t, we can develop high blood pressure.

There is also evidence that people can gain weight quicker if they aren’t getting enough sleep. As we all know, being overweight is also a factor that can contribute to heart disease.

The good news is that I also learned through by endless research that there are some things we can do to have better heart health, such as:

Eat more nuts (a small handful at a time)

Nuts contain fiber and other good stuff.

Eat more seafood

Two weekly servings of seafood (as long as we are not pregnant or breastfeeding) will help lower our blood pressure.
Finally, get up and move more.

Exercise will help us to lose weight, maintain our ideal weight and even help use to relax and relieve some of the pent of stress we all have inside of us.

I will keep on doing my research on how I can continue to have a healthy heart. The way I see it is this, it will be an ongoing battle to keep my body, my heart and my mind healthy. But it is a battle worth fighting.

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